A Global Alumni Meet … in the second half of 2011.

February 22, 2010 by

Dear Alumni,


IHM Mumbai is all set to organize its new initiative…

A Global Alumni Meet … in the second half of 2011.                                   

A two-days branded event.

The main purpose of this Alumni Meet is to work together to elevate the image, funding and overall success of IHM Mumbai while strengthening the value of this degree for all alumni. Its vehicle to accomplish these goals is the THANGAM PHILIP MEMORIAL LECTURE series, which the distinguished alumni as well as present students would always look forward to and benefit from.

Day 1.     Open House during the day.    Evening will  be the highlight of this meet : The Thangam Philip Memorial  Lecture Dinner .  This broadcasted lecture will be followed by a contributory sit-down dinner.

Day 2.      Devoted to each batch having its own reunion and its own programme.

Thangam Philip Memorial Lecture will be instituted in 2011 in memory of the former Principal of IHM Mumbai ,  Padmashree  Miss Thangam  E Philip who dedicated her life to pioneering hospitality education in the Indian  sub continent. The topic of this lecture will be based on any subject of contemporary interest by a GLOBAL THOUGHT LEADER whose ideas have impacted the world for the development and good of humanity.

Alumni of IHM Mumbai are a product of  what John Tribe refers to as vocational action oriented curriculum which is industrially relevant. These lecture series are designed around reflective vocational or even liberal reflection space of the hospitality education curriculum designed to develop the person and their powers of mind. It is intended to make a vital contribution to the hospitality industry by inducing managers  to think outside the existing practices and paradigms.

A  branded event of this nature needs customized  logo, brand name, slogan, website with public commenting, postcards, t-shirts, custom PowerPoint layouts and handouts.  The second event of the series could be integrated with 60th anniversary of IHM Mumbai in 2014. All of these would work together to produce an amazing branded event that IHM Mumbai alumni would be proud of.

Suggestions are invited for….

  • Brand Name
  • Slogan
  • Logo
  • Experience e.g. invitation, venue , decorations, banner, speaker

Volunteers are wanted for the following teams:

  1. Content Team ( Conceptual):  Older Members preferred. Younger members with vision are welcome.
  2. Logistic Team ( Implementation):      Younger members are welcome here.
  3. Sales Team  ( Marketing):      Older as well as younger members are welcome.

Last date for receiving SUGGESTIONS and VOLUNTEER NAMES: 15th April 2010

Schedule of Team Meets

TEAM ANNOUNCEMENT:              30.4.2010

1st Team Meeting:                          15.5.2010

During the first team meeting, each team is required to work out the schedule of activities after discussion.


  • Programme for Day 1                                                             Deadline              Follow up meet

a)   At college

b)   The Lecture Dinner

i) identify potential speakers for the TEP Lecture

ii) approach the speakers

iii) plan the sequence of evening programme



a. The ideal month and dates.

b. The Venue for TEP Memorial Lecture

c. Control Room

d. Team Members



a. Brand Name

b. Logo

c. Slogan

e. Experience

f. Sponsorship

g. Pricing of entry passes

h. Promotional materials

i. Tie ups

j. Press Conference

h. Actual sale


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Super Seniors Get Together 2007

December 6, 2007 by

IHM, Mumbai is honored to have its Alumni of 1958-1961 at the Institute on 14th December, 2007. The Class of 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1961 includes names of the pioneers who have shaped the Indian hospitality industry.


Mr. V.K.Menon

Chef Raman

Mr. P.M.Koshi



Mrs.Sheila Gore

Mrs.Swaroop Kaur

Mr.Sydney Vincent

Mr.Vikram Singh






Mrs.Shanta Deokule

Mr.Jagat Mohan Verma


Mr.Manohar Joshi

Mr.Hari Bhatnagar







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Student exchange programme

September 11, 2007 by

Seven third year students who are National Council rank holders will visit China from 17th to 30th Sept., 2007. This is under the student exchange programme in the “Indo China Tourism Friendship Year”. The students will visit Beijing and Shanghai.

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F.Y.B.Sc. Students do us proud!

May 29, 2007 by

Congratulations to all rank holders. IHM, Mumbai bags 25 All India I year. B.Sc. ranks out of 30.

List of Students

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Valedictory Function 2008

May 4, 2007 by

Valedictory Function next year will be on Friday, 28th March, 2008. Alumni is invited especially 1983 batch completing 25 years.

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Valedictory Function 2006-07

April 2, 2007 by

The Valedictory Function for 2006-07 was held on March, 30, 2007 in the Institute’s auditorium. Along with the graduating batch of 2007,this year it was the batch of 1982 who completed 25 years after graduation and they were felicitated on this occasion. Their fifty five member strong turnout was mainly due to the untiring efforts of Ms. Smita Solomon and Mr. Jayant Kathe.The function was also graced by Padmashri Ms. Thangam Philip, our Principal Emeritus and our ex-faculty members- Mr. Panikar, Mrs. Mahsalkar, Mr. Ozi D’Cunha, Mr. Ismay Gomes and Mrs. Deokule.

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Valedictory Function 2007

March 12, 2007 by

IHM, Mumbai invites all Alumni to the Valedictory Function, 2007 on March, 30, 2007 at 6.30 p.m. in the college Auditorium. The function will be followed by dinner with the outgoing students.

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Academic collaboration between IHM,Mumbai & George Brown College, Toronto

December 29, 2006 by

An academic collaboration agreement between IHM, Mumbai & George Brown College, Toronto will be finalised at signing ceremony with Honorable Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario on 18th Jan.,07 at Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai. President Ms. Anne Sado and Dean of Business, Maureen Loweth of George Brown College will also be present.

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1979 Batch reunion

December 6, 2006 by

36 students of 1979 batch had a get together on 2nd December at the Institute. Also present were teachers who had taught them and a few spouses of the students – all in all about 70 persons.

We encourage these kind of events whole heartedly. Any takers?? 

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Request from Rajendra Kelshikar, 1975 batch

November 15, 2006 by

My name is Rajendra Kelshikar. I am from the Bombay Catering College, as we called it so in seventies. I have an appeal and our friend R. K. Saxena the Principal of our college as of now gave me this idea of writing to some of our friends. I am located in Poona, India.

We have a new mid size full service four-star hotel with sixty rooms coming up in Poona.

The name of the hotel is ‘Deccan Rendezvous’.

The hotel would be operational by December first week.

There was a delay of about four months in getting the property ready. In the mean while the expected happened. We, as in case of every one else in hospitality industry have a problem. With BPO and allied sectors in plenty in Poona these companies picked some of our recruited and trained staff up.

We have requirement of mid and senior level managers for the front office, kitchen, food & beverage departments.

I am writing this to request if you have any candidate looking for re-locating within India or even from out of the country you may please ask them to e-mail me on my address [email protected] . In case you need to have any other clarification on the above you are most welcome to establish contact with me.

In the mean while to know more about what am I doing please visit

Let me give you my e-mail id once again: [email protected]

Thanking you and wishing you all great times ahead.


P.S. Regardless my above appeal some of you who if at all remember me are welcomed to write to me as it will be of interest to know your where abouts

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